Monday, February 09, 2009


I woke up this morning to the sound of cars driving on wet roads. What do you wear when it rains in February?

There's about a half inch of ice coating the sidewalks. I nearly made it all the way in without falling, but then wiped out about 100m from my building. I have "road rash" on one hand, including a shallow cut about two inches long. (Just barely enough to draw a tiny bit of blood.) Besides that I'm unhurt, but the road rash stings. :(

I wore my Ice Queen today. It is nice, but not good for sleeping on the bus: it doesn't provide as much padding as my tuque, and the beads don't help. ;) (I suspect that bus-sleeping wasn't considered in the design... rather understandable.)


Corinna said...

Ow indeed! It's really icy here too (Swan River, MB) I don't plan on going out too much today. One of the perks of working from home!

Muriel said...

Between 33F and 55F (2 and 12 degrees) here and sun.
I don't think I could live in Canada.
I almost ended up in Ottawa though.

You never feel like getting a job or something in Florida or California ?
They are on the beach now there, all year actually if I understood well.

noricum said...

Ironically, it's the unseasonably warm weather that's causing all the havoc. ;) (Tonight's news: ice, ice, rain, and more ice. Plus more rain and snow in the forecast.)

Florida has hurricanes and high heat and humidity, California has earthquakes and smog. Plus, they're in the USA. I'm sorry, but I've had my fill of living in the USA. :P I'll take the cold. ;)

Corinna: I wish I was working from home!

Muriel said...

So it is the right weather for frozen trees, you know when it rains and the drops become ice.
It is not very good for the trees but it must be very pretty.
I never saw that.