Saturday, February 07, 2009

Minor Annoyances

Things are generally pretty good around here these days, but there have also been some minor annoyances.

1. Four packages arrived in the mail this week. One per day... *except* the day that I stayed home sick, and thus could have saved myself a trip to the post office.

2. The most expensive package is the one that Canada Post randomly chose to charge taxes on.

3. I forgot my sock bag at the art club Tuesday evening (I brought it because I had stuck the package slip in it, and on the off chance that I felt like working on my socks as I watched paint dry).

4. I didn't discover that I had forgotten it until Thursday morning when I was leaving to catch the bus (since I had stayed home sick Wednesday), and thus didn't have socks to work on while riding the bus Thursday.

5. Since mom was going to the club Friday anyway, I asked her if she could get it for me then... but she forgot. Whoops. (I completely understand... I forget stuff too.)

6. My phone rang once this morning and stopped, waking me up. (Not too early, but still annoying.)

7. I was still in my pajamas when my landlord came to the door, to drop off the under-counter cutting board from the suite he's renovating, to replace the damaged one in my apartment.

8. The new old cutting board is a slightly different size. (Smaller, though, so it just has gaps to each side, and I should put blocks in the back to stop it earlier.)

9. I was about to step in the shower when my neighbour came by to borrow the phone.

10. As I walked over to the club today to get my sock bag, I saw someone stranded in a turning lane with a dead minivan. I helped her push the minivan around behind a business where there were parking spots, so she could wait for a tow without blocking traffic (or continue trying to start the minivan, or whatever)... and although I had no trouble pushing the minivan, as soon as I stopped, my asthma acted up, making it hard for me to breathe. *sigh*

11. After picking up my sock bag, and my parcel (both in the same general direction from my place), I walked home... and my exercise/cold induced urticaria acted up, making my legs itchy and painful.

12. I had planned on going skating today (the weather is *beautiful* out... not too cold, and sunny!), but after having an asthma attack, itchy/painful legs, and getting sweaty (probably also from pushing the minivan), I'm not sure I'm in the mood any more.

*sigh* Right now I'm debating whether I still want to catch the bus over to skate (it would involve at least two buses each way, neither of which is frequent), call my dad and see if he'd like to go with me (and hence drive), or just ignore all the chores that need doing, put my feet up, and watch one of the cheap movies I bought last weekend. That third option is the least good for me, but it's looking the most appealing. ;) (Chores can wait until *after* one of those three options.)


kirsten said...

Oh what movies? Tell me you just sat back and watched movies!

noricum said...

Casanova, with Heath Ledger... rated R (waggles eyebrows)! ;)

Muriel said...

You don't have netflix in Canada ?
I spent Friday afternoon watching 7 C.S.I. (I am not proud of it).
So what did you do ?

noricum said...

I'm pretty sure we do, but I'd rather have the occasional one-time cost than a regular monthly bill. The two movies I bought (for $6 each) are the first I've bought in the past year.

What did I do? I followed a sunbeam around for a while, and then watched Casanova. ;)

Muriel said...

You are kind of far from the 15 movies/month I am watching at home for $15/month I guess.

I liked very much the Casanova from Fellini, but it has been a long time I saw it, I am not quiet sure I remember well.

noricum said...

If I had Netflix, I'm sure I'd watch more movies. However, I don't have the income for Netflix (or cable), unless I want to give up something else... which I don't want to at this time.