Thursday, February 19, 2009


My caretaker just asked me to sweep the floor!??!!

Yes, it's dirty, but I haven't given him heck about it because I know he and the landlord have been busy with renovating the suite across the hall.

Anyway, so I just stuck my head out to say hi to a neighbour, and my caretaker also stuck his head out to see if the noise was my landlord coming. The caretaker said something about not getting upset about the floors, and I said that I was just looking to see if my neighbour was coming up the stairs yet. Then he asked me to sweep the floor, wouldn't I be a good neighbour and sweep the floor? When I said no (hey, I'm paying rent, and he's being paid to sweep the floors), he asked me if I was lazy. I told him that he's being paid to do that, and I've got my own floors to sweep.

Am I being unreasonable, expecting to not have to do a job that someone else is being paid to do?


Shelley Noble said...

so weird. Next time just laugh and clooooose the doah!

jess said...

uh, you are not being unreasonable. Is it possible the caretaker was making a (bad) joke?

noricum said...

He might have been half joking, but he didn't sound like he normally does when he's joking.

Anonymous said...

It's his job to sweep, therefore he's the lazy one.

Dandy said...

I wouldn't sweep the floor... well ok maybe if his legs were broken... but otherwise no.

sheesh... some ppl!