Monday, February 09, 2009

Ice Queen

Ice Queen: Started at the lake in August, abandoned for quite a while, finished on Saturday. Made from Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit, to see if I'm allergic to angora. (So far I think not, although I kept ending up with rabbit fluff in my mouth as I knit this.)

Pre- and post-washing:
Ice Queen Ice Queen
This is version B. I added four more repeats of rows 21-24 since I had sufficient yardage. I used nearly all of my ball (just a *wee* tiny bit left)... there were two knots in the ball, but it also weighed a bit more than the label stated.

Ice Queen Ice Queen Ice Queen
I can't decide if I look like a dweeb in this... or if it'll be warm enough to test this out tomorrow. (It's supposed to be warm enough to rain, so possibly. The forecast is for screwy weather the next few days, with lots of warnings. Perhaps I'll try it out, and just put my regular winter wear in my bag in case it doesn't cut it.)

*yawn*... time for bed!


mrsfife said...

It's gorgeous! Lovely colour, too.

Oh, and the smaller one for work. The birthday cake.

Muriel said...

That is very pretty.
I am not sure what dweeb means, but I am sure you don't look like a dweeb.
I don't see the beads though, where are they ?

If you are allergic to angora, let me know your price ;-)
It is definitely pretty.

noricum said...


Muriel: If I discover an allergy, I'll be sure to let you know. ;)

As to "dweeb", I think it's more that I've never liked how I look in profile. I'm not fond of my nose. (I had such a cute nose before puberty.)

The beads are pretty tiny, and show up as little sparkles. I'll take a close-up later.