Saturday, February 14, 2009

S.A.D. (Public Service Announcement)

To those of you who are happily in love, congratulations, and have a wonderful Valentines Day. However, this is to notify you that today is also S.A.D.: Singles Awareness Day. Singles generally find Valentines Day to be a particularly lonely day, so please take a moment to spread a little joy to them. Give a single in your life a phone call, or perhaps even chocolate or a pretty flower.

This ends your public service announcement.

I'm feeling pretty good today, even though I'm single two years and counting now. It's lovely and sunny out, so I think I'll go have a shower now, grab my skates, and skate around the Forks this afternoon. (The river trails are still closed due to last week's rain, but apparently the small rink and land trails are fine.) Perhaps I'll even take myself out for pancakes, should the happy couples have left a table free. ;)

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Deneen said...

Valentine's day is highly overrated. Restaurants are packed and waiting is awful and really, it's like any other day in our life, except Elena dances around singing "Happy Valentine's Day" and makes us a card (we give her a card and a little present). Even when I was single, dating, etc-it's not a big thing.