Friday, February 13, 2009



Blogger won't let me log in. (Update: Found a back way in!)

This week has been crazy in the help center. (Calm at the moment though... everyone is either in class, or already on spring break, I guess.)

I just discovered that the reason the forums haven't been crazy is that for some reason, I wasn't subscribed to half of them. Now I need to catch up!

I need more sleep.

My landlord had a plumber playing with my toilet because the plumbing had been leaking into the suite below (take that, Mr Party of One!)... and the toilet wasn't put back in the same place... leaving a large exposed nasty, grimy stain. Plus there's a significant gap between the floor and the toilet now.

I'm really tired.

I spent three hours this morning tutoring a particularly dense person. Sample of the conversation on my end:
Which array are the companies stored in?
No, that's an array of Strings. Which array is an array of Company objects?
No, that's the array of Strings. Strings are an object, but I want the array of Company objects. Which is the array of type Company?
No, that's the array of type String. Which is the array of type Company? Do you understand what a type is? On this line, point to the type.
No, that's the variable name. Point to the type.
Yes, the [] indicate that it's an array. What type is the array?

Yayyyyyy!!!! it's 4:00 now!!! (I'm letting the current student stay until 4:05 so that he can add a few more comments to his code before the assignment submission shuts down.)

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