Sunday, February 08, 2009

Under-Counter Cutting Boards

Under-Counter Cutting Boards

Left: the one that came with my apartment.
Right: one from the apartment across the hall that's being renovated.

Besides being smaller, the "new" old cutting board smells of onions and cigarette smoke. I'm going to scrub it today (apparently the previous "owner" didn't believe in washing it), and then take it to dad's sometime to sand it down. (Given that the old one needed sanding down to slide in and out too, I'm guessing there's something sagging in the countertop.)


Muriel said...

You are so courageous to take care of all these things.
I am so bored today and even if they are plenty of things I should do, I don't feel like it.

noricum said...

More like "independent" than courageous. ;) It doesn't take courage to sand a piece of wood.

Oh... and the other funny thing? As my landlord brought the cutting board in, he commented on the fact that it was in bad condition... so I pulled out my current one to show him. (Gee... perhaps there was a reason I had complained about it?)