Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yarn Stores Are Evil


I went to Ram Wools to buy a big bottle of Eucalan for me (not in the photo, already put away), a sample pack of Eucalan to accompany a soon-to-be-completed gift, plus some extras for future gifts. I decided to wander around to see what is new.

Instead of spending $20, I spent... um... I'm *not* saying.

Yarn stores are *evil*, I say!

I did restrain myself somewhat... I considered buying a sweater's worth of that Lana Linda (some colours felt stiff from the dye, but these must have either been made from downy lambs from heaven fleece, or at least had some silk or something sneak in), but restrained myself and only got enough for a scarf and whatever accessories use up the leftovers from the scarf.

I wound the ball of sock yarn (yes, I *know* I said no more sock yarn) into a ball at the store, and managed to leave the ballband behind. *whoops!*

I can't decide if the scarf will be a gift, or for myself. I think it may end up for myself.


kirsten said...

I'm sitting here staring at my wheel.
It is very pretty too.
It even has a kiwi on the treadle. *look at that I know what the treadle is!
pick a night!!!!!
pretty please. I'll try to restrain myself from swiping the scarf should it be ready by then.

noricum said...

Tomorrow night? :)

Shelley Noble said...

Yes. Yarn stores are indeed evil. Well said. True evil. The kind that makes you think spending $100 for a skein of wool is reasonable. Dastardly.

Sara said...

oh yes. Yarn stores are evil. Perhaps the powers that be know how weak I am and that's why I have no LYS nearby.

The desk is looking great! I am intrigued by the glued paper, too. I'm glad you're keeping it.

noricum said...

Thanks Sara! (BTW: I can't get to your blog from the posts in Bloglines... is your site down, or are the links wrong? I suppose it could be the DNS server too...)