Sunday, October 05, 2008

Walking Around Historic Winnipeg

I had my camera out the other day while I was downtown, so I thought I'd give you a brief photo-tour of some of historical Winnipeg.

Pantages Playhouse Theatre.

Oooo... neat that we had our own money, and that it was pretty!


I love this photo. (Perhaps I'll paint it...) These buildings were more kitty-corner, rather than directly across the street from the previous plaque, but they were prettier. ;)


I don't know if it was the same business back then, but I remember shopping for winter boots and school shoes at a shoe store at that location. I love the sculpture of the three ladies. That's new since I was a kid. ;)

Gorgeous wide sidewalk with trees!

Okay, so this last one doesn't have the same history as the rest, but I'm pretty sure this is the place I had the *fantastic* soup about ten years back. (Of course, I felt rotten the whole afternoon from the MSG.) They have a menu, but customers either order the bowl of soup, or the small bowl of soup. It was cheap and good! (Besides the MSG, that is.) I can't remember the kind of soup, but it's one of the popular ones at Chinese restaurants. Perhaps won ton soup?



ravelry hbacmama said...

Great photos. I love looking at other peoples view of the same things I see.
Where is the Donald Smith plaque?
I'd like to track that one down!
Spinning wheel sooooooooon! =)

Sara said...

I love your "took a walk" posts. One day I really want to visit Canada.

BTW, all the yarn you stashed on ravelry looks divine!

noricum said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks! :)

The Donald Smith plaque is at the corner of Portage and... um... either Donald or Smith. ;) It's across Portage from MEC.