Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mona is Evil

Wolseley Wardrobe is having another sale:
From now until Nov 2nd we are having a sale. All consignment is 50% off, yarn is 20 - 50% off, metal and plastic needles are 20% off, patterns are 25% off and books are 10% off. There’s lots of new stock and it’s all on sale!!!!! So we hope to see you there.
Will I be good, and stick to my tightened budget, or won't I?

Last month my credit card bill was rather on the high side, making my expenses higher than my income. (There was a dentist appointment on it too, which, to be fair, is a once-in-six-months cost. But still, it was higher than it should be. I got a little lax this summer, when I had two jobs.) So, I'm back to just dreaming about the yarn I'd like to buy. ;) Like this, or this.

Given how tight my budget is, and how my computer is having trouble keeping up these days (probably some RAM will fix it for a while, but they also don't last forever), it's also time for me to start saving for a new laptop. I'll be sticking some of my extra tutoring money in a "sock drawer" (whenever it adds up to a significant amount, I'll put it in the bank to earn interest, and replace it with a note)... and that way I'll have the funds there (outside of my emergency, fall-back savings) when it is time, and I can't wait any longer.

PS, hint to family: if anyone is thinking of getting me a ball winder for Christmas, you might want to see if Wolseley Wardrobe has those on sale too.

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