Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Stuff Done... Or Not

Apparently I can't get stuff done because I have too much to do. Right now I have several things I'm working on, and everything needs something from another room, where I run into another task that I'm in the middle of doing. I remember that task, and that I wanted to finish it asap, so I restart that task... which needs something in another room, where I run across something *else* I'm working on! Sheesh.

However, I have managed to focus, and did get several things done:
• The dry dishes are put away (there's a few more plastic containers that need more drying time before I can put away the drain rack).
• I washed my mango tree while showering. (It's having spider mite problems again... this washing is two weeks after the last one, and I didn't see any more mites, so I think it's safe now... this wash is just to make extra sure before I put it back where it belongs.)
• I put a screw hook beside the plain old screw that was holding up my swiffer mop, and hung the swiffer mop on it instead (so it doesn't keep falling off), and put an angled nail (*up*) beside the slightly-down-angled nail that the dry swiffer kept falling off too, fixing that problem. (The dry swiffer doesn't have a ring that will fit on a hook the way the mop will.) The broom seems to be doing fine on it's screw, so I left it the way it was. (Hmmm... I think I need one more attachment so that I can get the duster hanging too... I should check that. done)
• I cleaned the bathroom sink, mirror, and toilet.
hung art-nouveau plaque
dusted fans before putting them in storage
wiped table, kitchen counter, stovetop, above-stove shelf, kitchen windowsill

To do:
• floors (although the boys from next door took care of most of the area under my bed by crawling around underneath)
• clean tape residue off the glass from a frame (what kind of nutty framer *tapes* the matt/picture/backing assembly to the glass!?!? Or uses regular *cardboard* for that matter?!?)
clean and put away my hair clippers done
take the three desk pieces in the hallway outside, sand them lightly, then take them downstairs to the storage area (where I'll be putting the finish on... it requires room temperature for application) done
store the two fans in the storage area done
take out and store the window air conditioner in the storage area (I sure hope it fits on the shelves I have down there!) done
go over to mom's and work on the desk pieces that are there (sanding the drawers and then bringing them here) (did two drawers, at least... four more to go), then finishing the stripping and cleaning of the top and moving it so that I can get to the uprights
• make Christmas ornaments for the Christmas ornament swap (to be mailed before the end of the month... I've bought all the supplies now, so now I just need to make them.)
• address all the packages that need to be mailed, preferably before I forget which pair of socks is going where!
• sew the flap back on my dad's cot (it came off when I was assembling it this summer)
• sew more patches on my jean blanket
• sew two plastic bag holders so I can organize and store them better

... and, of course, lots of other stuff! I'm going to go and make more progress, before the length of this list scares me! ;) (I'm sure there are things that I've left off, that I'll remember as soon as I'm in the next room!)

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