Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds

I bought these at an "antiques & funk" shop... both will be put to use. :)

I have no idea if the piebird is actually old, or a reproduction. Either way, it's cute and functional. (Although it has a rather small hole on the top, and only slightly raised sides on the bottom... but hopefully that'll be enough.)

The handcarders definitely look old (the nails aren't uniform, and the carding cloth is leather), and there is some rust and mangled tines, but they work better than the pair I already had. The carding cloth on these is finer: the tines are closer together, and they're sproingy rather than stiff.

I like stuff that has history... what would make it better is if I *knew* the history. Oh well. ;)

The carders were $8, and the piebird was $4... so if the piebird was new, I probably paid about normal retail, and the carders are definitely *much* cheaper than buying new ones. Plus, reuse is good for the environment. ;)

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cathy said...

Great finds. I'm with you on character plus reuse. Good for you!