Saturday, October 18, 2008

Desk Update

You know that linoleum glue I was whining about being so impossible to get off with all those toxic chemicals? Totally water based.

I had noticed that when I dripped sweat (ew!), that it got sticky. I considered using water, but I was worried about raising the grain. Then, last night, I put some bleach on the black stains. When I moved the bleach around, I noticed it got milky and bubbly. Then it occurred to me that bleach contains mostly water, and if I was putting that on the desk, why was I so worried about water? (Either both would be a problem, or neither... at any rate, the whole surface might as well be the same.)

I'm not sure if I did raise the grain, or if I just cleared all the glue and whatnot out of an already textured surface. I'll have another look today after it has a chance to dry out. Things were getting pretty soggy by the time I left, so I decided to call it quits. The water was still getting dirty when I quit, but perhaps that was from the stain, rather than more glue.

The black circles didn't fade much at all. I may try again today, but they're sort of growing on me, as "character".

I'll upload progress photos at some point. I have some of the pieces that I've already started putting the finish on... they're *pretty*!!!

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