Sunday, October 05, 2008

Art Workshop

Yesterday I attended a fun workshop on compression style painting using acrylics on yupo. (Anyone know if that is pronounced "you-poh" or "yup-oh"?)

This painting is currently a bit of a failure:
I may play with it some more, both for experience, and on the off chance that it turns into something I like.

But I really like these two:
Depths We All Come From The Earth
I plan to show them in the November art show and sale that my club has. :)


Sara said...

I don't think the failure is a failure at all. It's cool as all get out! All of them are!

Deneen said...

Failure? I like all of em

noricum said...

Well, would either of you art non-critics like to have it? And if so, should I play with it more, or send it as-is? (I'll finish the signature, of course. ;) )