Sunday, October 26, 2008

Please Help...

Please help my friend help helpless cats and dogs... I just received this e-mail from her:
Hi all -

The animal rescue group I volunteer with, Independent Animal Rescue, is taking part in the Care2 contest for America's Favorite Animal Shelter. This contest is open to rescue groups and shelters across the nation, and we are currently IN THIRD PLACE (as of almost 8 p.m. Sunday night). The top five groups get a monetary award with grand prize being $10,000.

IAR is a wonderful completely volunteer-run organization that saves many cats and dogs from the Triangle and surrounding communities. Some animals are from shelters, others are feral kittens that are rescued at a young enough age to be tamed, and some are strays, abandoned or "found" animals that are brought to us from people in the community. I currently have two foster kitties available for adoption and two kitties that I've adopted from IAR. Our web site is here:

How can you help us win? By going to the web site below and voting for IAR as your favorite animal rescue. It only takes a few seconds, is completely free, and every vote really makes a difference! $10,000 would go a LONG way toward helping us save more animals! We are currently the only group in the top five that helps both cats & dogs and is not breed-specific.

Feel free to forward to anyone who might be willing to vote for us! They don't have to be local to vote for IAR.

Thanks so much!!!
Last I checked, they ask for a zip code, so I think you need to be living in the US to vote. If you are, please take a moment. Thank you! I appreciate it. :)


Kelli said...

Awwwww!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

I voted. They're the rescue I got Misty and Stormy from!

noricum said...

Kelli: I'm glad if I can help in a little way. :)

Bethany: Thanks!!! Yay! (Hugs, from afar so that I don't get hives, to Misty and Stormy!)