Sunday, October 26, 2008

Uh, okaaaaay....

This morning as I was snoozing, I could "hear" some bass level noise. I figured that either my downstairs neighbour was playing some music with bass boost, and the floor was doing a really good job at filtering out the rest, or he had an exercise bike.

It turns out he's in his car out in the parking lot. He has the music turned up fairly loud, with the bass boost even louder. And he's drinking beer. (I don't think drinking beer in a car is legal.)

Well, I suppose I should be glad that he's blasting music in his car, rather than in his apartment.

10 am update: even more uncool than drinking alone in your car on a Sunday morning? Leaving the beer can on the ground when you're done. Mr Downstairs Neighbour is now officially completely uncool in my books.


Sara said...

What an uncool way to start the day. Why would anyone want to drink beer at before-noon in the morning on a Sunday?

kirsten said...

EWWWWWW that is beyond UNCOOL! yuck.