Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blanket WIP

Blanket WIP
Blanket WIP

My arms aren't long enough. Of course, the low basement ceiling gets in the way too.

I now have four squares made from yarn that Shelly sent, one from Deneen, and part of one from Vicki. Next up is another Deneen square, red this time. Thanks, ladies!


Vera said...

What a great way to use left over sock yarn! What pattern are you using?

Deneen said...

I absolutely love how that is coming out.

noricum said...

I'm not really using a pattern... I'm doing a garter-stitch mitered square pattern that I got the basis for in the Mason-Dixon knitting book. I start off with 25 stitches, marker, 25 stitches (either cast on for the edge squares, or picked up for the inner squares), and do a k2tog on both sides of the marker on each right side row. On the last right side row (two stitches) I use: sl1, k1, psso, then pull the end thread through the last loop.