Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yay Bike Ride! .... and *ow*!

Yay bike ride! This afternoon I went for a bike ride with my uncles. :) (And, apparently, an ant.) Except for one bit, it was awesome.

The rivers are still high, and will be for a while. There's a spot near us where the trail had been under water, and, while it is now above water (just barely), it's covered in gloppy mud and flotsam. There's a narrow, unofficial trail just above that spot. I made it through there fine twice the other day, but my luck ran out today. I was being careful not to let my pedals hit the high side (something I noticed happened before), but accidentally let (I think) my handlebar hit a tree, which sent me tumbling down the other side. Luckily there was a bunch of trees and shrubbery to cushion my fall. (They won't be quite so cushiony for the next victim... everything under about an inch in diameter literally *broke* my fall.) However, I only suffered some bruises, scrapes, and a temporarily jammed brake lever. (I got it unjammed once I noticed it... when I tried to use it, of course!) I suspect this is probably where I picked up the ant, although I didn't notice it on me until I was back home.

The rest of the trip was only eventful in good ways. :)

The Forks was busy with the Winnipeg International Children's Festival and a highland dancing competition.
The little ones are creepy-cute!
(How can they be so good when they're so *teeny*?! It's creepy!) I bumped into a friend from high school who was one of the volunteers/organizers.

After dallying around the Forks, we biked over the Provencher Bridge to Whittier Park. We couldn't use the path under the bridge, because the river is too high.
See that winding path with the set of stairs down the middle? well, there's a lower level under the waterline that goes under the bridge.

Looks like Fort Gibraltar isn't open for the season yet. (It's probably open for school groups, though.)

Whittier Park is lovely... you can hardly tell you're in the city.
Well, besides the nicely groomed paths, of course. ;) The occasional siren or bit of traffic noise makes it in, but not much.

The Seine River is also quite high.
(Hint: Trees don't normally grow *in* water. Not these ones, at least.)
You can tell that levels have dropped a bit, but I suspect this is another summer where the riverwalk is basically useless.

Okay, the rest of this post is just documenting the damage from the fall. Feel free to skip. ;)

Sunglasses are a bit scratched.
(They scratch easily, though. I think it's an evil plot to make me buy more sunglasses.)

Light scratches on my right arm:

More impressive (but not serious) scratches on my right leg:

Left leg got some green smears, and feels like it will develop bruises:

And finally, the obligatory bike chain grease, this time with accompanying scratch:

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jess said...

ow! glad the trees/bushes were there to break your fall and the damage to you & bike was not worse! :) looked like a nice ride otherwise though! :)