Friday, June 03, 2011

Full, Lovely Day!

1. I slept in. I love sleeping in. Fridays off *rock*!

2. I finished the picture frame I was making for my dad. (For his birthday, which was *last* Monday. Also ignoring the fact that it was initially going to be a gift several years ago. Don't worry, those past events had alternate gifts.)

I created the frame from two larger frames.
IMG_4536 IMG_4544
I used the jig my dad bought used at a gun show. It claims to produce professional results. I have yet to achieve professional results. Green corner original, gold corner mine:
Gold corner original, green corner mine:
(Note to self: *always* cut from the top down, even if that means you can't see the pencil marks!)

However, the picture I was framing also wasn't perfect:
I did this many years ago (back in junior high, I think), and gave it to my grandma. I ran out of paper for the tail, and so glued on another piece. (Classy.) When my grandma passed away (or was it when they were cleaning out the stuff in storage?), the picture made it's way back to me. The frame it was in was too small, and so had a narrow, yellowing (due to not being acid-free) mat. It was also backed with *regular* cardboard. Definitely not professional framing, even though it had been done by a frame shop. (Corrugated cardboard? Really?!?) It looks *much* better now, even with my unprofessional corners. (I think the beat-up frame suits the subject, and the corners aren't that noticeable.)

My mom cut the mats for me. (Thanks, mom!) It's really handy having a mom who will cut mats for you. :)

3. I went to the bank, and got two more rolls of quarters. (I hate coin operated laundry!)

4. I stopped in at Dollarama while I was in the neighbourhood, but they didn't have what I needed. (Although it did emphasize that Thursday's thrift store purchase was a good deal. I'll blog that next.)

I love the lizard I saw on a(n unkempt) house on my way home:

5. I went over to dads (more on that in a bit), and, on the way, passed my neighbour's dog, Ashley. I decided to try a photoshoot.
IMG_4551 IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4554 IMG_4555 IMG_4556
Ashley wasn't interested, even when my neigbour tried to help. Oh well. (Send me your photos! ;) )

6. In addition to the framed drawing, my dad and I spend some father-daughter time in celebration of his birthday. We started off by digging cherry tree suckers out of the lawn, and potting them in yogurt pails so they could be transplanted to the new house. We did a dozen, because that number neatly packed in a recycling bin. There are still plenty more suckers in the lawn, should this first batch not make it.

7. Then we went to Tony Roma's for dinner. (After cleaning the dirt off and changing clothes, of course.) Mmmmm! My dinner was three fillet medallions, rare, each with a different topping. (Fries and baked beans as sides.) Dessert was cheesecake. Soooooo goooooood!!!

8. Finally we went shopping for supplies. For the newly-bare patch of yard (where the shed and dead car once were), we selected some weed-control:
I also brought home a dirt bag.
Do you think my mother will be disappointed? ;)


Miller Mommy said...

Is the potting soil for starting the plants or just for your houseplants? Happy pumpkin growing...last year I tried some, got three (1 large, 2 medium-ish) before the vine borers did a number on my plant. Up where you are, I don't think there are vine should have some for carving just in time for Halloween :)

noricum said...

I plan to start those seeds outside, but I've got some spruce seedlings for my dad that I'll be starting in this. The rest will be for houseplants.

Actually, I have some other seeds for the apartment garden that I should probably start indoors too.