Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Treats

Oooo! "Freezies" made with fruit juice!
The ingredients don't look too scary.
First time I've been told to "shake before freezing"! (I take that as a good sign.)

I had a purple one tonight. Not bad!

Kind of pricey, though.

(Yeah, I know freezies are technically a brand name... but I think of all of these things as freezies.)

Does anyone know where you can get things for making your own freezies? (Not fat popsicles, but skinny things like freezies?)


Bethany said...

Amazon seems to have some (at least the US version of the store does), although the shipping times are kind of long. I was thinking of getting some but ended up finding some silicone popsicle molds locally. I still may one of these days.

noricum said...

After posting this, I checked I just checked selection isn't nearly as good. :P

Miller Mommy said...

When the kids were really tiny, I used the cylindrical freezer trays...the ones for making ice to put into drink bottles. More recently, got popsicle molds at Dollar Store...they are not the regular fat bars, but very thin tapered rocket shapes. IKEA had some better silicone molds, but when we made the trip there, we ran out of time buying other things :(

noricum said...

Oooo, I bet I can find those ice cube trays in the grocery store. :) Thanks! (I'm not sure I trust the type of plastic the Dollar Store would use.)