Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Shelf

Today I installed an extra shelf in my hall closet.
(Not a perfect job, but functional. I should have pre-drilled the holes in the wood with a larger bit... I did that for the second brace, and possibly also pre-drilled the holes in the wall.)

I think I bought this shelf board back when I was living at home. It ended up in the garage after I moved out, and was put in a "get rid of" pile recently when folks were cleaning out the garage. So I appropriated it.

This section of my hall closet is where I keep towels. Now, I don't have a lot of towels, but even the few I have tower high when put here, and putting them away can be tricky. (I'm short.)
(Note: that empty-ish spot by the drano is where some things that I haven't got around to putting away belong.)

Now that I have that extra shelf, I've put the "rag towels" above, and the "could possibly offer to company without too much embarrassment" below.
Plus, I put most of my mega-stash of discontinued soap at the back of the high shelf, freeing up some usable space on an easier-to-reach spot. Yay! :)

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