Friday, June 03, 2011

Thrift Shop Purchase

Five shot glasses, two tea light holders, one small pitcher, a bag of quarter wrappers, and some "instant papier mache" that looked fun.

It's funny how the "old fashioned juice glass" looking shot glasses make everything else seem so much larger in the photo. ;)

No, I'm not suddenly taking up drinking shots, those are for silk painting (to mix paints in). I'm looking for inexpensive supplies that are about the right size and shape, and either white or clear. The tea light holders are for that too. (Candle will go into the stash of tea lights for power-outages.) I don't need scads for myself, but I need a bunch for workshops. The tea light holders look the best, but they only had the two in clear. There were more shot glasses, but they were taller and skinnier, but shorter and fatter are better (I think) for my purpose.

I'm considering painting the bottoms white, to make colour mixing easier.

All the shot glasses and tea light holders were 25 cents, but one was 40% off, because it happened to have a blue sticker instead of yellow. (Gotta love that... it was identical to one of the others, but on sale because it had been there longer!)

The pitcher was an impulse purpose. There's something about that shape that I love. It will either hold pencils, dpns, or flowers.

The quarter wrappers are for friends who collect quarters for me. (The bag had 32 instead of the original 36, but was only 75 cents... and the dollar store packages have 5-10 plastic ones, I think.)

When I was in Dollarama, I was checking out their tea light holders (inappropriate shapes and more expensive) and shot glasses (nonexistent, unless I just couldn't spot them).

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