Friday, June 03, 2011

Pet Portraits

Did I remember to post a progression of my latest pet portrait, "Fergus"? I think I forgot. So here it is:
IMG_4266 IMG_4267
IMG_4294 IMG_4367
"Fergus" was a wedding present for a friend.

The reason I'm thinking of this tonight is because I volunteered to do another demo at the next art show (end of October), and the organizer decided that he preferred I demo how I paint my pet portraits. (Since I just did one for silk painting this past show.)

For the demo, I'd like to have a couple of portraits in various states of completion, so that I can paint a bit more on them in the demo. This doesn't work so well with commissioned pieces. (Hi, I'd like a deposit, I'll paint a bit now, leave it for several months, and then finish it off when I get around to it.) I could go down to the shelter, and take my own photos, but I'm not sure when I'd get around to it. So, I thought I'd post a request to my readers (those I still have, now that I hardly ever blog):

Would you be willing to send me a photo (or several) of your pet, so that I can use it in my demo? I'd like to have a few different pets, since I'm not the type to paint the same thing over and over, even for a demo.

Here's what I'm thinking:
1. Unlike with a commission, there will not be a deposit.
2. I will give you the right of first refusal to purchase the painting (whenever it's done), but you are not required to purchase the painting. (You don't even have to have an intention right now to buy the painting.)
3. If you decide not to buy the painting (or I am no longer able to contact you), I may sell it to someone else. (I've gotten the impression that finding a buyer will not be a problem... many people have expressed disappointment at not being able to buy them in the past.)
4. You retain copyright of the photos, I retain copyright of the painting (for selling prints, cards, magnets, etc.).

My pet portraits so far have all been cats or small dogs, but I'm open to trying other types. Whether or not I choose your pet will depend on how I like the photo, whether I think it will work with my style, and, of course, how many I get. (I may like more than I can paint!)

Feel free to post questions in the comments, or send me an e-mail. (If you're wondering about cost, send that question as an e-mail. I don't want future customers saying "but you used to sell them for $X!!!") Thanks!


aniexma said...

I've got pictures of Gus I can e-mail you, send you're address to:

Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't have any pictures of Solomon the betta! ;)

Natalie said...

i have pictures of both of our llewellin setters, together or apart, and i would looooove to buy a painting as a gift for the boy! they are pretty spotty so i'm not sure how easy they would be to paint - i can send you pictures and you can let me know?
email is

noricum said...

Huh... my profile page used to have my e-mail address on it. Well, since it doesn't, here it is:
nori.noricum at gmail dot com

I remember Solomon. :) Good thing they didn't have that rule about liquids back when I had to smuggle him past airport security!

I can paint spotty. :)

Alicia said...

I don't know if a black dog is a good portrait subject, but I have a lot of pictures of my dog:

Alicia said...

Or perhaps my mom's dog:

noricum said...

Oooo! Looks like some good ones there. :)