Saturday, June 04, 2011

One More

In my list of "all the stuff I did" yesterday, I forgot one: I converted some ratty old jeans into some ratty new jean shorts.
They're uneven, but I just plan on using them for gardening and bike riding, and other things where I get dirty. It was a quick job. They're functional, and that's what counts.

The grass stains are from gardening with dad. :)


Miller Mommy said...

cool! Seeing how good and creative you are with sewing projects, you will probably convert those pant legs into shopping bags...I wish I had the skill :-)

noricum said...

The pant legs will definitely be something, but probably not shopping bags. ;)

I'm sure you have the skill... just get an inexpensive sewing machine and play around with it. If you're worried about messing up, use stuff like this that would otherwise be thrown out anyway! ;) (There's also great buys in the remnants bins at fabric stores.)

My sewing machine is a cheapo one from Walmart... I paid about $100. sometimes I wish I had a better quality machine, but this one has kept on chugging since I bought it in Chapel Hill, about 2000 or 2001. :) (That would make it a $10/year investment... not bad!)

Miller Mommy said...

Hehe...yes, I guess I would convert them into shopping would come up with something way more beautiful. I remember I borrowed your machine and you gave me detailed instructions and I still had no idea how to use it (but my mom did from the get-go). D wont let me buy the cheapest one, so I had hunted some down on craigslist (that way they are not the cheapest in the store, but still inexpensive). But then voted for gardening so I could involve the kids in my hobby...that was few years ago.

noricum said...

When I was in junior high, we all had to learn how to use a basic sewing machine in home ec class. (Boys too.) I guess you never had that?

Jeans would make really heavy grocery bags. I use nylon or canvas for that. Jeans I make into quilts, lunch bags, funnel-like bags for holding stuff like rags and plastic grocery bags. I'm thinking I might make these jean ends into a gardening tool roll.

Miller Mommy said...

we had *hand-sewing* extra-curricular classes in elementary school (my brother didn't though) so I know a *few* stitches and a *little* embroidery.

noricum said...

Interesting! We didn't do any hand sewing or embroidery in school, that I can remember. (My brother and I learned that at home, though.)