Saturday, June 04, 2011

Venus Fly Trap

I haven't yet killed the venus fly trap I bought last fall.
It's done fine with the dry air, and lived all winter on my windowsill. The traps are a lot smaller now (too small to feed it sow bugs, but fine for chomping thrips), and it had it's heart set on flowering.
The stuff I read said that it produced smaller traps if allowed to flower, due to the amount of energy spent producing the flowers. However, every time I clipped off a flower shoot, another appeared. I finally just let it do what it wants.

Hopefully now that it's summer again, it will decide to produce some larger traps. (It doesn't really eat the thrips, it just squashes them.)

I'd like to get a sundew as well... it should do a better job of the thrips.


Miller Mommy said...

that is so awesome! I found out last year at the NC Botanical Gardens that some carnivorous plants are native to the region. Was very tempted to get some but didn't really know where to plant them. After looking at your picture, I so want to go back and get one as a houseplant :)

noricum said...

:) They'll be great for teaching the kids! (As long as they're old enough to not set off all the traps on the Venus Fly Trap, that is. But I bet they'll have fun feeding ants and things to a pitcher plant!)