Monday, May 09, 2011


Kinda congested (chest & sinuses), body aches, sore throat, sore neck, sore temples.

Took decongestant & antihistamine, asthma-cold puffers, sore throat lozenge, vitamin C. Waiting for my lemon & ginger tea with honey to cool enough to drink. Bought a silk scarf on campus to wrap around my neck. (I didn't start to feel like having something around my neck until I was half way to school, and this was the non-synthetic choice. It's rather nice, and pretty... although it doesn't go with what I'm wearing.)

I'm going to stay home tonight (art) and tomorrow night (knitting). Nothing Wednesday night, and I think volunteering on Thursday night is cancelled. Hopefully taking it easy will make this cold less painful than the last. I would rather not miss more work. :P (Especially after missing three days with the last cold.)

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