Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sheepy Day

I got to pet sheep (and a doggy) today!
It was a drippy day... not the best for photographing sheep and lambs. (The lambs were indoors.) However, I got to pet them, and feel their soft, fuzzy chins. I also helped de-floss a sheep (it had some felted fiber tangled around it's teeth).

And I got to spin (until the humidity made my wheel cranky). :D

On the way to the sheep farm, we stopped quickly in at a garage sale. I got a lovely glass pitcher, and a wooden box with sliding lid that will make a great spindle box for either my golding spindle or spalted maple spindle. :) (I think both of those should fit, but my maggie will be too big.) Not bad for $2.

All and all, a lovely day. (Do you suppose the "rapture" took the nut job religious fanatics away? That would be even nicer.)


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Sheep and a garage sale in one day? Now that is a good day. :D

Just after 6 last night my son came out to ask if the raptors had come (I had convinced him it wasn't the rapture, but the raptors that were coming...because I'm a nice mom like that) and at that very moment a bald eagle flew over our heads. I shouted "THE RAPTORS!!" and couldn't stop laughing. I thought I was funny but I'm not so sure he thought so. :D

The eagle came by again with his neck craned towards my chickens. Turned out he wasn't after us at all.

noricum said...

I hope your chickens are safe!