Sunday, May 01, 2011

Beds Are For Sleeping? Really?

So tired!
(Yes, the clock does say 5:07, and that's AM, not PM.)

Sometimes I question my sanity. Like when I'm up at 5:07 AM, preparing for a demo. Or when it's May 1, and it's snowing outside, and a few days ago I was wishing my window ACs were installed. (Yes, snow is falling. West of here, highways are closed. It's ridiculous!)

Tomorrow (today?) is a *long* day. Pick up at 12:20, demo at 1:00, running credit cards for purchases 2:00 - 4:00, take-down 4:00 until complete... then figuring out what I can cook for dinner (pots and pans are all dirty again) and doing laundry... minimum two loads (bedding), but it's looking like more than four to get it all done. (How does an art show produce *laundry*?!?!) Monday I start back to work, and it would probably be a good idea to have clean laundry.

I suspect I'll be buying lunches next week. (Of course, that requires that I obtain cash.)

*sigh*... back to work. I can't rest yet. There's a bit more of the design to complete, then printing, assembling, tracing, and applying resist. *whimper*

I hope I get to have *some* sleep, to punctuate "today" before "tomorrow".

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