Monday, May 02, 2011

Shocking Election!

Holy bleep! There are some surprising numbers on the screen tonight.

I like that the NDP is up, I *hate* that the conservatives have a majority.

My riding, a long-time NDP riding, has the incumbent down about 100 votes at the moment!!!


Deneen said...

I followed the election because I have friend's daughter who lives in Canada and we had been discussing it. Looks like the conservatives won, and just when Canada was looking so good to me :/.

BTW, conservative color is blue in Canada and liberal is red? Asking because here, Republican is red and Democrat is blue.

noricum said...

Well, "right" up here is farther left than "right" down there. Our centre looks more like your left, and our right probably resembles your centre.

Yep, the colours are different up here. NDP is orange. Green is green. BQ is probably baby blue, but then they only exist in Quebec.