Saturday, May 28, 2011

Someone didn't think things through

See the new front step thingy?:
How it's deeper than a step, but about the same dimensions as are swept out by the door?

It's deep enough that you naturally stand on it to unlock the door. However, it's small enough that, unless you are nimble and thinking about it, you have to step (or fall) off it to open the door. (Usually I step... usually.)

They did the exact same thing in the back.

Before, there was a large stoop, about the same dimensions as the awning above. It was the same width as the door plus windows, and at least twice as deep as this step thingy.

Although it's nice not having heaved, broken concrete to trip over, it would be even nicer if I didn't have this step thingy to fall off of.

Another downside: before, the stoop was large enough that I could put my grocery boxes on it when unloading the groceries. This lets me get all the groceries to the entrance and lock the car before having to deal with the apartment door. Now I have to set the grocery boxes on the sidewalk. This means they're four to six inches lower when I'm standing on the step, holding the door open with my behind. (I haven't measured the exact height of the step.) Good thing I'm young and nimble, and don't (generally) have back problems.

I pointed out the poor design to my landlord, and his response was that it was unfortunate. (I was kind of hoping he'd call the concrete company and suggest they redo it properly.)


Sara said...

This looks suspiciously like a money saving technique.

noricum said...

At least on the contractor's side, if not the owner's side.