Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reality TV, For Real

The northbound lanes on the main bridge near me are closed this weekend, and so a bunch of traffic got redirected onto the secondary bridge near me, and thus in front of my apartment. The cops seem to think this a good opportunity to conduct routine traffic checks, with so much traffic going past an area that only has the two lanes in one direction. (One lane for the cops to direct cars to, the second lane for traffic to pass by.

Apparently, some traffic violations result in the vehicle being towed. (I also noticed his hip knife holster was empty... was that confiscated too?)
I thought that perhaps the reason this guy got towed was because his back plate was missing. Turns out the tow truck driver takes that off.
I felt sorry for the mom & kids.

Although this vehicle also once held a couple with a kid, I felt rather less sorry... the couple has matching gang sweaters, and the guy has some rather scary tattoos and keeps spitting on the ground.

Despite all the entertainment happening out my window, I am making progress on the dishes.

You know, with the cops sitting out front, my neighbour might want to finally get around to switching his insurance to Manitoba.

Maybe if I'm lucky, the cops will talk to the other neighbour with the loud Harley. I suspect I'm not that lucky, though.

Dang... a number of loud motorcycles just drove past (one in the direction being checked), and none got stopped. *sigh*

Anyone know what gets a car confiscated at a routine traffic stop? No one looks drunk, so I don't think it's that.

Back to my dishes...


Nicoya said...

I'm guessing expired license or insurance, maybe unpaid tickets.

noricum said...

There sure are a lot of them!

Sara said...

Wow. Who says you need TV?