Monday, April 04, 2011


I thought I was feeling better this morning, but my the time I got to work, I thought better of it.

There's nothing like a virus and lungs full of gunk to leave you wiped out. Even sitting in front of the computer right now is making me tired. (I already napped for four hours after straggling home from my failed attempt to be a productive member of society today. I thought I'd let myself up for a bit, to see how it goes.)

This morning I knew I wasn't 100%, but I thought it was just an iffy voice and not-100% lungs. I felt like I had energy.

The energy was used up by my walk to the bus stop.

By the time I got to work, I had to take a sore throat lozenge, and was probably disturbing the rest of the bus riders with my hacking cough. Standing up at the office, I felt dizzy.

So I said "hi, good-by, I'll try again tomorrow."

I called my allergist, and she's phoned in a prescription for my "try to prevent the cold from becoming bronchitis" lung medications, so I'll at least have to show up to the university for that. (I could have had it sent to a closer pharmacy, but I didn't feel like going out again today, and made the possibly foolish assumption that I'll be better by tomorrow. Four days in bed should be enough, right?!?)



jess said...

aw! hope you're feeling better tomorrow and get some rest today/tonight. :(

noricum said...


Anonymous said...

Some pharmacies _deliver_! (Shoppers Drugmart does.) If you need it real bad and can't get it yourself, phone me.

Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon!


Natalie said...

hope you kick this bug soon!