Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Bike Ride Of The Season

Yay bike ride!

I thought I put air in the tires before I left, but it turns out the reason the pump gauge said they were full is because I forgot one of the steps in opening the valves. (The "psst" when I took the pump off was from what I had built up in the pump.) Whoops. They weren't too low.

I greased the chain and gave it a wipe.

My bike wanted to "go!" just as much as last year... until I hit a head wind. Then my body remembered that it had spent the long winter being sedentary. Whoops.

Looking at Google Maps, it looks like it was about 12 km round trip. (I should add a bike mileage thingy to my wishlist.) I biked over to a friend's, visited for about an hour, then biked back.

On the way out, I had a headwind on Concordia (1.7 km), on the way back, I had a *stiff* headwind on the bike trail (1.8 km).

I remembered on the way back what my goof had been on the valves, so when I got home, I started pumping air. After one tire, I was feeling rather dizzy, so I lay down to let it pass. It didn't really, so I pumped up the other tire. Probably low blood sugar, rather than low oxygen.

Although it was bright and sunny this morning, clouds moved in by the time I made it outside. However, it didn't start raining until after I was home. :)

Strange sight on this morning's ride:
Although a CarCycle isn't a usual sight, the thing that had me really surprised was how it was parked on an Elmwood street, and hadn't been stolen! The training wheels are cute. :)

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