Thursday, April 14, 2011

Knitting to the Rescue

Turns out this is the perfect knitting project to help me get my marking done.


I have both hands full of yarn, and so have to untangle myself and set it down to move the post-it notes.


(There are separate charts for front and back, so I have two post-its to move.)

The rows are short and quickly completed. I love seeing progress.

After I mark a few questions, I let myself knit 1-3 rows (depending on how much I've marked).

It's saving my sanity, plus helping me make progress on my marking. Another late night tonight (if I can stand it), and I should be done. :)


omly said...

My knitting has been similar for me the last few weeks (only 2 left but that will include lab practicals to grade), but I fear that I do not manage anything as complicated as stranded knitting. Most it has been either stockinette in the round or ribbing all the time around here.

noricum said...

You must be more disciplined about remembering to put it down. :)