Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Furnace Filters

...Not just for furnaces:


I bought a pack of filters last week, but hadn't gotten them in the windows yet. When I got home today, it was quite warm in the house, so I rigged this temporary set-up. Works great. :)


Daph said...

Very smart! Our windows open side to side, otherwise I'd totally steal that idea.

Deneen said...

Actually, an ingenious idea.

noricum said...


Daph: You probably still can do it, you'd just need to block off the space above, rather than on the side. Measure your opening, and find the largest filter that will fit in the space.

I live on a busy street, plus have pollen trouble, and so there's a good portion of the year that having windows open wasn't a good idea... but now I can! :)