Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last Weekend's Gardening

This is what caused the pain I experienced Saturday, Sunday, and then sore backs of thighs for several more days:
Not very impressive, is it? Well, it was basically the first time I had gardened all year, and wet clay is... difficult. Here's an idea of how it looked before:
All the green shredded stuff is from my caretaker's idea of gardening... before I went out, he went at the garden with the weed whacker. (I don't have high hopes for this garden after I leave.) I have pulled the annuals from this second area, but the rest will have to wait until spring now. (It's been snowing & raining since last night. Nothing has stuck, but the ground is even wetter now, and, being mid-November, there's no hope of it being workable before spring.)

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