Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I had a strange dream last night. It was my birthday, and I was having a large number of people coming for cake, which was being served in a gymnasium. The cake was to be a layer cake, but it wasn't ready when people started arriving. The cake and filling were both made, but the cake had to be sliced and the layers assembled. My dad decided to slice the cake layers, but sliced four layers instead of five, and did a really crooked job of it too. This was annoying but okay... but *then* someone cut up the cake into tiny irregular pieces. This meant that it was going to be difficult and time consuming to assemble the layers... I'd have to make sure the pieces were all in place, then add the filling, then assemble the pieces of the next layer. As I was doing this, people started helping themselves to cake, which upset me further, since (a) I no longer had all the pieces of the puzzle, and (b) there wouldn't be enough of the final cake for everyone if some of it had already been eaten before the party started. But whenever I chased people down to get the pieces back, other people would take the opportunity to serve themselves cake. Finally I smooshed the remaining cake into a bunny outline (why a bunny when I had been making a rectangle before? I don't know!), and put on the icing. The final smooshed result was inedible, and so I didn't get any cake.

I woke up still feeling upset. (Don't you hate that? You know it's irrational, yet you can't shake the feeling.)

When I got in to work, H had brought in leftover birthday cake, and I got a slice. It was even a layer cake! What a bizarre coincidence!

That slice of cake *really* improved my morning. Thanks H! Happy birthday again!


Sara said...

OOO. Kinda creepy!

noricum said...

The only explanation I had is that I knew that it was H's birthday yesterday, so perhaps that put my mind on birthday cake?