Friday, November 05, 2010

Found A Blog

I found a lovely craft blog via a Flickr photo, and thought I'd share a link. She's planning on having some blog contests in November, if you need other incentive to click over. ;)


Vik said...

Thanks for sharing that link, very nice blog indeed.
Have you heard about the knitting curse I posted in my blog...?

noricum said...

Yep, that is a well-known curse. I think it works the other way too, because I once broke up with a guy who knit me a sweater. (That was before I was a knitter/crocheter.) It wasn't because of the sweater... but the sweater was, coincidentally, received near the end of the relationship.

umelecky said...

You are just too cool! Thank you so much for sharing the bird stuff. Please get back to me with your address. I'd like to send you one of my little bird sachets.

noricum said...

Welcome! No problem. :)