Friday, May 29, 2009

Wacky Morning

I get Fridays off during the summer term. (No classes on Fridays, so Friday's hours get moved to the other four days of the work week.) So at 11 am this morning, I was snoozing and contemplating getting up, when the phone rang.

Unknown number: "Hello, this is the police. Are you at home right now?"
Me: Ack! "Yes...?"
Police: "Could you go down and let the police into your building?"
Me: Ack! "Uh, yeah... sure." ?!?!?!?

I grab my glasses and keys, contemplate my sexy sexy pajamas, decide they're fine (I'm fully clothed, if not presentable), and go downstairs. I hear a door close on my way down.

No one and no car at the front.

I hear a noise at the back door, look to see a resident. I go over. There *is* a resident, but no cops. I tell her what is happening, and in a sleep-fogged stupor, double check each door to make sure I didn't miss anything as obvious as cops and a cop car. I see another resident coming in, but still not cops.

My neighbour's kids ask to come see the plant they gave me, so I take them up. Neighbour starts telling me about other neighbour's antics while I look up non-emergency police number in phone book. I ask for a second to call the non-emergency line to find out where the invisible cops are. After being asked for details, I'm told someone else let them in.

Neighbour shoos her kids out (noticing I'm still in sexy sexy pajamas).

Still not thinking clearly, I contemplate what to do next. Before I figure this out (I'm thinking slow), the phone rings.

Unknown number: "Hello, it's the police. Can you let us in at the back door?"
me: This sounds strangely familiar... "Uh, sure..."

Not bothering with keys this time (not entirely sure where I set them down a few moments ago), and still having glasses on face, I make it to the door while they're still visible.

me: "I came down before, but no one was here."
Police: "We were down the street by the time they found someone to let us in."
(Rest of brief conversation cut.)

In other exciting news, my allergies tell me it's still spring, and I used my last antihistamine yesterday. I had been planning on going shopping on Sunday, but I may need to look into moving that up. (It's still not as bad as when I was in NC, but my throat and eyes are itchy, and I'm not enjoying the sensation.)

Perhaps I'll just retreat back to bed for a bit, and see if the next attempt at getting up is less eventful. :P


Lynne said...

What I want to know is why do the police have your phone number? :-)

noricum said...

I haven't a clue. They must have either asked the landlord, or done a reverse lookup using the address. (I am in the phone book.)

Either that, or it has to do with the fact that my neighbour without a phone sometimes borrows mine. (She's the one the cops wanted to visit.)