Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hokey Movie

Heh... I just got back from the movies, and boy, was it ever *hokey*! (There's a "spoiler" at the end of this post... but don't worry... the end is hokey enough that it can't be made worse by "spoiling" it.)

As I was going down for my second last load of laundry tonight, the single dad across the hall asked if I was interested in joining him for a movie, because he was bored. (I double checked that he meant in a "friendly neighbour" kind of way, and he confirmed. I sometimes have trouble reading people, and I figured it was best to be safe.) I said I was pinching my pennies, but he offered to pay for the cheap theatre. We left after the last load was out of the dryer, and chose the movie based on what started after we arrived, but not too long after. "Knowing" and "State of Play" were both due to show soon, and another guy there said both were good. We went with "Knowing", because it started 10 minutes earlier. We still had time to play two rounds of air hockey before going to find our seats.

The movie started out like a regular action/suspense movie. Some underpaid kid up in the control booth was having fun making the lights flicker during the more suspenseful parts of the show. (He/she got rather carried away with it at the end, and the flickering lights just added to the hokeyness. (Wow... my spellcheck recognizes "hokeyness" as a word... but not spellcheck!))

The ending? Think Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, and spooky angelic alien overlords. :P

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Sara said...

Hubadub went to see it and wished he'd just rented it.