Tuesday, May 12, 2009


News bulletin: I'm a tattle-tale. A nosey one. Or, so says two of my neighbours, to a third neighbour who told me. Does that make her a tattle-tale too? ;)

Frankly, I don't care... since it seems to mean that the one (of those two) who gets drunk and then asks people in the block has never asked me for money. (Not that I'd loan her any... I don't loan *anyone* money. I'm a tight-wad, in addition to a tattle-tale. And there I go, tattling on myself.)

Of course, it wasn't me who called the cops on the father of my neighbour's children. Ever. But apparently someone else in the building *has*. Hmmm... perhaps we're a whole unit of tattlers? ;) (Now, I *have* loaned the phone to that neighbour if she needs it... whether to call the cops herself, or merely to order pizza.)

Notice to my neighbours:
1. If there's a problem with the way the building is being maintained, I will tell the landlord. I am not interested in living in a slum. Period. I will not let the building I am living in degenerate, if at all possible.
2. No, I will not do the caretaker's work for him... I will not shovel the snow for him, nor will I mop the floors for him. He has been hired as the caretaker, not me.
3. If you make enough noise to bother me in my suite, I will complain to the landlord. You are not allowed to choose what music I listen to. It's possible to listen to music without having it go through floors or walls, given how thick they are.
4. If you play music with excessive profanity so that it is clearly audible in the halls, I will also complain... there are children living in the building, and I don't like listening to that either, frankly. (If it's normal music bleeding into the halls, it doesn't bother me, and I won't mention it.)

If someone is parked in my spot, I won't complain unless you don't move when I want to use my spot. (Well, I think I did complain once when one person habitually parked so that he was taking up two spots, and thus more people parked in my spot... but I only think it's fair to keep it to one spot per car, since eight spots don't go that far if everyone parks haphazardly. And I just asked the landlord to mention that it would be nice if he didn't take up two spots with one car.)

I did complain when one person littered alcohol containers and beer bottle caps on the parking lot... but that goes back to keeping the building nice for everyone. Littering isn't cool. I figured that the bottle caps are hard on tires, too.

Beware me... I am a disagreeable, nosey neighbour. (I wonder who I'll offend when I bolt the loose joints in the picnic table so that it doesn't collapse under anyone? The landlord gave me permission, so I don't think it'll be him.)

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