Thursday, May 14, 2009

Estate Sale Fun

I found some fun, kitchy fabrics at an estate sale last weekend:
I think the peace/love and denim-y prints are 100% cotton, the zodiac one may contain some non-cotton content. Doing a burn test, all three burned really well, but the zodiac print had a different... sweeter(?) smell. At any rate, all three will make great reusable shopping bags. :) It sounds like I may even be able to sell back a few to the daughters who were running the estate sale. Nothing like recouping expenses! ;)

Other items I picked up include some glasses, a sturdier-than-most vegetable steamer (in case I'm hosting a big dinner, and want a second vegetable), a beer stein (present for my dad), and a coffee percolator that I thought some friends were looking for. It turns out the percolator was not what they wanted, but, as you can see, it's not a big loss. ;) I'm also going to ask my dad if he's interested. Otherwise I'll take it down to one of the local antique shops, and see if they'll offer me at least $2. For some reason, I'm actually finding it aesthetically pleasing... but I have no use for a coffee percolator (not being a coffee drinker, nor having grounds on hand for guests). Here's a more detailed look at the percolator:
IMG_1762.JPG IMG_1763.JPG

There are six of the green glasses in total, but I didn't bother putting them all in the photo. I bought them because they matched the style of the blue glasses I bought at a yard sale last summer. Here's the two together:
Yeah, I know that one is Persian themed, and the other is Greek/Roman, but the artistic/aesthetic style is the same. Do any of you know anything about this style glassware? Does the style have a name? (It's hard to google when you don't know what it's called.) When was it made/popular? Was it made by a particular company, or were many companies making it? (I haven't seen it that much, so I don't think it was super common.) I love knowing the history behind stuff. :)


Prairie Chicken... said...

holy crappers! the fabric with the rainbows, mushrooms, moons etc (bottom pic) - IS FABULOUS! If you make something be sure to post pics.

noricum said...

Isn't that one hilarious?!? You missed the pheasants and bird nests. I have to wonder what the designer was smoking... I'm thinking those mushrooms were more than just a "design element". ;)

Nicoya said...

You could probably use the perk pot to make tea in. It would probably do a pretty good job of it too.

Anonymous said...

My mom has a percolator just like that. She might have bought it in Canada, too! We even used it last year when we had a function at home and required lots of "filter coffee".

noricum said...

Hmmm... I had thought about tea, but then discarded the idea because the websites I read said it made crappy coffee... but it makes crappy coffee because, if you boil the coffee, it becomes bitter. However, tea is less bitter the hotter the water is, thus perhaps making this a *better* way to make tea? Fascinating thought!

Hee hee... "Canada: Land of the Stove-Top Coffee"! ;)

Prairie Chicken... said...

yah I immediately gravitated towards the fungus on that fabric. Super rad!

noricum said...

The mushrooms were the first things I noticed too. ;)

Marvie said...

I sent your link to my friend that I mentioned in my last comment, because she also has that green glassware, so maybe she can tell you something about it. So if you get a comment from Kell or Chicken Chasin' that's my friend.

noricum said...

Marvie: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

(If she can provide any more details on Gertrude too, that would be great! I've been thinking of taking some more close-up photos. Gertrude seems nicer than a bunch of the ones on Ebay, but that could be me being biased.)

Vera H. said...

Love those glasses!

noricum said...

Ha! Found it! The glasses are made by the Jeannette Glass Company. The green glass pattern is "Hellenic Green" (or possibly "Grecian Hellenic Green"), and the blue pattern is ... hmmm... still working on that. Will post a new post with info about both.