Saturday, May 23, 2009

My High Class Neighbours

Mr Party-Of-One is once again "anebriated"... and with the onset of warm weather, he has taken his party outside. His car is his great big boom box. (And his boom box has bass boost.) I wonder if my phoneless neighbour will need to borrow mine again so that her kids can sleep tonight? I don't think the building is currently vibrating. Perhaps it'll get cool enough when the sun sets that he'll head indoors.

Moments ago he had visitors... a lady with a shiner and a kid (I'd estimate a 10 year old) who stopped in briefly, plus two people who didn't come out of the car. The lady was highly critical of the halls (said in a snooty way: "they should wash the halls, it looks like animals have been through here" ... funny, since the person she was visiting is one of the animals), and then she honked the horn several times from the car. I'm not sure why... Mr Party-Of-One was right beside her, and he could have let her in to knock on any door she wanted to.

Ahhh... classy.

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