Friday, May 29, 2009

Cloth Shopping Bag

Ta da:
Check out the quality seams:
No fraying here! I did the types of seams found on jeans for the side and bottom, and for the corners, I zig-zagged the cut edge. The handles are also padded!

Question #1: If I were to sell these (say, to raise money to replace my worn out sandals guilt-free during a period of low income), how much do you think I could sell these for? (I have enough fabric to make more than I need for myself.) I estimate it takes me at least two hours per bag, even though I tried to "assembly line" the ones made from the blue fabric. Do you think $15 would be out of line? Would people pay that? Another reference point: those nylon ones have been selling for $5, and nothing has been done to reinforce their seams or to prevent fraying.

Question #2: If you're local, would you be interested in buying one? ;) I'd give a discount for friends, of course... a steal at $10!


Anonymous said...

Can you set up an etsy shop just to see if they sell? I have no idea what or how much people might pay for these (especially in Canadian dollars), but they might be willing to pay for the cute fabrics. (I was ready to pay a pretty large amount for pillowcases for Corwin from cute fabrics until I made the mistake of telling my mother and she made me some un-cute ones out of old bedsheets for free. Unfortunately, you can't beat free, and Corwin seems perfectly happy with plain green and plain pale blue.)

You can get the recycled-from-plastic-bottles grocery bags here for $0.99, but the grocery stores also have cloth bags available for much higher prices (don't recall off the top of my head what they are.)

Prairie Chicken... said...

I'd buy one! yeeeah! I love that fabric. $15 sure!

Alicia said...

I'd buy one too! If not for groceries, it's cute as a project bag.

aniexma said...

I'd pay $15, absolutely! Do you have any of the zodiac fabric left? That stuff was hilarious.

noricum said...

Hurray! :) Yep, I have lots of the zodiac fabric left. :)

I was only able to get three out of the blue fabric... I want to save one for myself, and the daughter has first dibs on one of the other two, but that still leaves one available. (Prairie Chicken... did you want to call dibs on that one? E-mail me so we can figure out how to get together.) I can probably get three out of the peace/love fabric, and perhaps six(?) out of the zodiac.

I won't be at Mona's on Tuesday... the art club is almost closed for the summer, so I want to take advantage of it while it's still open, but I'll bring a few bags (however many I have finished) to the knit night on Wednesday at Chapters. No one is under any pressure to buy one, but I'll be much appreciative of anyone who does! :))

Prairie Chicken... said...

what's your email addy? junglejulie at shaw dot ca

Anonymous said...

I'd buy some with longer handles. Yay for well-made bags that can go in the laundry!


Daph said...

That's awesome! And padded handles = genius.