Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Day

Ow. My body is objecting to what I made it do today.

Today started off easy. I slept late, and then dozed even later.

Then I whipped up a prototype cloth bag out of the vintage fabric I bought last week:
Cloth Bag
I started with the zodiac fabric since I had the most of it. Then I wandered over to the estate sale again to see if the daughter who was interested in the bags was there. (She wasn't.)

Afterwards I borrowed mom's car to go to The Forks... the last time I was there, I wanted to buy a pottery soap dispenser, but they didn't have one in stock in my favourite pattern, so I requested one. I had got a phone call on Friday that it was in. While I was there, I treated myself to a gelato, and walked around the grounds a bit. It'll be a while yet before the riverwalk is open... the water is still up to the *roof* of the structure that protects pedestrians from falling debris from the rail bridge:
Assiniboine River
(Can you see the little green triangle just above the water, under the bridge?)

After I came back from The Forks is when I started the task that is making me ache now. Meet the lilac bush in my mom's front yard:
Lilac (before) Lilac (before)
(Same bush, two angles.) The lilac bush needed it's suckers pruned. I pruned. And pruned. And pruned some more. For some variety, I also pruned the suckers and a few low branches from the maple on the boulevard (there's no before photo, although you can see it in the background in one of the lilac bush photos):
Maple (after)
and also edged and weeded around one of the three peonies in the neighbour's front yard where it borders our yard:
Peony (after)
I figure that'll make it easier for the kids who she hires to mow her yard. (I'll get to the other two later. I didn't have time tonight.) I kept pruning, until my stomach told me to clean up so I could go eat. This is what the lilac looked like when we parted:
Lilac Bush (after) Lilac Bush (after)
(Notice that the sun is much lower in the later photos... it was around 9 pm... so if my stomach hadn't said enough, the lowering light would have anyway. Checking the time on the first photos, it was shortly before six when I started.) The suckers and other debris filled two and a half garbage cans. (Our composter wouldn't be able to handle that much, especially since wood takes longer to compost.)

I snitched a few brownies from the freezer before heading home. ;)

Three hours of torture. My fingers and back are complaining. I think I'll have a hot bath before bed. Perhaps taking some advil would be a good idea too...

(Note: although I ache, it was a *wonderful* day! The weather was beautiful, and I got lots of stuff done. I really did enjoy myself... even if my body is complaining now.)

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