Sunday, September 21, 2008

The TV that ate my livingroom

(I mean that in the nicest way, of course.)

Had I remembered to bring home my camera cable, you'd be seeing a photo comparing my new old TV with my old old TV.

My old old TV (TV #2) is a 15" (well, the visible portion measures a smidge over 13"... how do they measure TVs? If it were a monitor, it would be labelled 15"), and my new old one (TV #3) is 26" (well, that's what my dad's fiancee told me... the visible portion measures just under 27"... so now I'm thoroughly confused). The new one is *much* bigger than the old one... the old one sat comfortably on top of my little VCR, the new one has the VCR perched on top, with lots of room to spare.

A 19" or 20" would have been a much more appropriate size for my needs, but shopping through friends' and family's used TVs doesn't exactly come with lots of options. ;) (It does, however, come with a much better price than buying new.)


Knittah said...

I thought tvs were measured diagonally, but the number refers only to the screen and not the whole set. *shrug* I have the advantage of leaving it up to husband.

noricum said...

Correct, and I was measuring diagonally. The question I have is whether TVs measure the entire tube, or just the visible portion. Monitors are sometimes advertised with the entire tube size to make them sound bigger, and others advertise that they have X" *viewable* size. I'm not sure if TVs do one, the other, or both.