Saturday, September 06, 2008

Chemical Warfare

Desk Refinishing

I went to Pollock's Hardware Co-op today for supplies for "Me vs the Desk" round two. They didn't have lacquer thinner (out of stock), and suggested the acetone instead. They didn't have either of the two things to take out iron stains from wood either, so I'll worry about that later. I forgot to ask for glue for the veneer... so ditto.

Another $30, and I'm now over $100. Hopefully I don't manage to poison myself tomorrow. (They didn't have respirators with carbon filters, just more dust masks. Does no one bother with protective equipment?)


Shelley Noble said...

HI, Sorry in advance for the following safety lecture, it's the busy body safety nag again here:

Please dear lord in heaven wear a respirator with Acetone! OMG! It's one of the worst felons. All the products you've been using in your desk battle contain extremely damaging ingredients to a bio-bodkin!

I saw you smartly wearing safety googles in case of splash back, can't recall if you also wore gloves, chemically impervious gloves, not dishwashing ones, that won't help enough.

I understand from reading, and a life time of worry in general, that prolonged exposure to the vapors of those highly highly toxic chems can cause permanent damage to lungs and tissue, or worse, make the expose-e permanently sensitive to anything like it they might come in contact with in a normal day. Not worth it.

I'm sure to wear a full-on NIOSH carbon filter respirator for everything remotely unsafe, even just for things that are non-toxic but put out a lot of dust.

There are great alternative wood refinishers and cleaners, by the way. I just bought a can of Linseed Primer Oil by Eco-House for the dresser I have to clean. They also have some outrageously great liquid beeswax waxes and NON-TOX Citrus Thinner, etc.

Make it beautiful and keep you safe!

noricum said...

Thanks for the concern! I do have chemical resistant gloves, but until I borrowed a proper respirator from a friend tonight, I couldn't find a mask rated for vapours, just dust. The chemical remover I used at first was low odour, but it wasn't getting all the really old paint off, and the glue is especially hard... hence the nastier chemicals. I am working in a garage with the garage door open as well.

Generally I try to avoid nasty stuff like this too. The finish I found is zero-VOC, a combination of beeswax and polymerized linseed oil. However, it looks like I'm having to use the nasty stuff before I can get there. :(