Saturday, September 20, 2008

Electronics hate me.

Feel free to ignore this post, but the electronics that hate me seem to act better for a while after I whine about them.

Now, you've already heard about my TV. Things have gotten really ridiculous, though. Last week, one day it took over *thirty* minutes to come on! Luckily it was a half hour before the news was due to start, and I was just having a nap. Since I knew my TV was being cranky, I figured I'd get it started, then turn the volume down while I napped. I only ended up missing the first few minutes of the news.

You may think I'm nuts, but after whining in an e-mail to a friend... it now only takes a couple minutes to come on. (It may also help that I've told my dad's fiancee that I'd buy a TV she doesn't need any more for $100.)

Anyway, now that my TV is working better again, my &%$#@ kitchen light has decided to do the same thing!!! I turned my kitchen light on before starting to type this post, and it's *still* not on! Now, my typing speed has improved from high school, but not by *that* much! Aaaaargh!!! It better not be the bulb... I put it in sometime around February, and those compact fluorescents are supposed to last a long time to make up for their high cost!!! (How many exclamation marks can I use in one paragraph? Can you tell I'm ticked?!?)

Yep, I just went and checked, and the light switch is definitely in the *on* position. I don't think the bulb is totally burned out, because it did this the last time I turned the light on, and it eventually did come on after a few minutes.

Aaaaaaargh! Grrrr...

I can understand that it takes a few minutes for the light to warm up to full strength... but to be completely off for several minutes?!?!!!

I think the electricity in this building must be flakey. But what can I do about it? It's an apartment. I can't exactly tell them I want them to rewire my suite. I did check the outlets, and got the ones that were wired backwards corrected, so it *shouldn't* be that. (Of course, I didn't test the light sockets, but that wouldn't explain the TV issues I've had since moving in.)


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