Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can I get an Ewwwwwww!?

So I went over to my mom's to do some more stripping. (*Furniture*, that is... get your minds out of the gutter!) It's humid tonight. I'm a sweaty person. At one point I started noticing random drips, and wondered where those were coming from, since the respirator and goggles traps a lot. Then I lifted my hand up, and a *stream* of sweat poured out of my glove. Ewwwww!


1. It is hard to swat mosquitoes while wearing solvent-resistant gloves... you don't want to swat with something that will get paint stripper on your skin!

2. I should not wear my shorts that the zipper falls down on, even if they are now grub shorts... it's hard to zip the fly back up while wearing solvent-resistant gloves. (See above, in addition to the awkwardness.)

3. Imagine two photos, one before, and one after. The difference between the two (besides locations of various items) will show most of the paint stripped off of the two pull-out shelves, and a patch partially stripped on the side of the desk. (I was curious to see if the side panels were oak. At least that one is.)

4. Paint stripper, when a small amount comes in contact with your skin, burns for a bit, and then stops. (I stupidly used my leg to prop up the shelf, and I must have got a bit on the surface that my leg was supporting.)

5. When goggles fog up, they're hard to see through. (I eventually gave up and took them off, figuring my glasses provide some protection at least, and I tried to be careful to not have any back-splash. I figured being able to see was also a safety issue.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have the fogging up problem with my safety goggles in chem lab. We don't have the choice of taking them off, unfortunately, so I pull them away from my face and air them regularly so that I can, um, see. Wondering if there's something I could wipe them with that would keep them from fogging...

You are making me remember what I love and hate about refinishing furniture. Most of all, I wish I could have some workshop space to be able to refinish furniture! I'll add that to my list of things to have in my house, when I have a house, assuming I ever have a house. ;-)

Shelley Noble said...

Hi! I fogged up my goggles last week too. SO, I punched many holes with a paper punch in the top rubber panel of them to allow exhaust of the heaty steam. Works pretty good, think I need a few more. Not so many as to render the safetiness moot.

Go get em!

noricum said...

Hmmm... punching bigger holes sounds like a great idea! (It just has lots of tiny holes, which are clearly insufficient.)