Thursday, September 04, 2008

Apartment Entertainment

The stink wafting in my third storey window reminded me of two lines my neighbour said to me the other day...

1. "Did you know that's two guys?" (Referring to the couple "all over each other" on/beside the box that contains the garbage cans for the apartment block next door. I must admit I had wondered if the one was a guy or a funny looking girl. I don't care that they're gay... but, um, on top of the garbage shed? It's not exactly romantic, and they get intimate enough that perhaps *inside* their apartment would be better.)

2. "I can smell their pot from here." (We were a good twenty or thirty feet away.)

Oh... and my neighbour's children's father is back in jail. Whee. (He broke his parole conditions, plus he smacked around my neighbour before she finally got him out of her apartment... with the help of three police officers and his mother.)

No, my street doesn't exactly have high-class residents. It's safe enough, though.


Deneen said...

Sounds like typical apartment living in the city.....

PS-was the stink the two guys, the garbage or the weed?

noricum said...

The weed.

I haven't noticed any smell from the garbage... the apartment trash gets picked up twice a week, so it doesn't get much of a chance to get smelly.